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Odysseus Keyboard Shortcuts

ctrl, Navigate tab history backwards.
ctrl. Navigate tab history forwards.
ctrlQ Stop loading focused page.
ctrlR Reload focused page.
ctrlSHIFTR Reload focused page without reusing previously downloaded resources.
ctrlT Open a new tab in this window.
ctrlL Edit web address/go to new page/search [DuckDuckGo](
ctrlN Open a new window.
ctrlO Open a file from your harddrive. Prompts you to select which one.
ctrlS Save this webpage to your harddrive as an MHTML file.
ctrlU View the syntax-highlighted source code for the selected page.
ctrl+ | ctrl= Zoom in on this page.
ctrl- Zoom out on this page.
ctrl0 Restore normal zoom level.
ctrlF Find occurances of some text on this page. Presents a text entry where you can enter which text should be searched for.
esc Hide the controls shown by ctrlF.
ctrlP Send this page to a connected printer, so you can read it on physical paper.
ctrl? Open the Odysseus Guide (this site).
ctrlclick | middle click Open link in new tab.
middle button drag Alternative scrolling gesture, appropriate for longer pages.

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