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Find in page

When you press ctrlF or select “Find In Page” from the application menu, a small secondary toolbar will appear on the topright of the visible webpage. This secondary toolbar consists mostly of a single text entry and can be used to find all occurances of some given text on the current webpage.

Type some text to search for it. If the text entry turns red it means that text does not occur on this webpage. Press or click ↓ to scroll and highlight the next occurance of that text. Press or click ↑ to scroll and highlight the previous occurance of that text.

The number of occurances is indicated by some text added to the bottom of the page.

Click the gear for more options. The first set of which determines whether the capitalization on the page should match the capatilization in your search. The default option (“Auto”) requires the capatilization to match only if you’ve mixed uppercase in your search text.

If “Cyclic search” is enabled when you reach the last occurance on the page the search will restart from the beginning, this is the default behaviour. If “Match word start” is enabled each occurance must be preceded by whitespace. And if “Match CamelCase” is enabled it also matches occurances on the page which alternate capitalization instead of adding whitespace (this is mostly only useful for programmers).

Press ctrlF to focus this text entry again. And press esc or interact with the page to close the find toolbar.

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