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Downloading files on the Web

If you follow a link that isn’t to a (HTML) webpage it will be “downloaded” to your computer. You can also manually tell Odysseus to download a link using a right-click menu, as can the webpage.

Upon downloading a link a “downloads bar” will slide up at the bottom of the window. On the right of this downloads bar are two buttons: the folder button opens the folder the downloads are saved to, and the x removes any completed downloads from the UI and hides the downloads bar again. If you want to get it back you can click “Show Downloads” from the application menu.

On the left are buttons representing each in-progress or recently completed download. They contain an icon representing what type of file is being downloaded, the name of the file being downloaded, how large that file is, and an estimate of how much time remains until the file is downloaded. In the background is a progressbar indicating how much of the file has already been downloaded.

While files are being downloaded a combined progressbar will be rendered over Odysseus’s icon in your dock or taskbar (if your desktop supports it). And when a download has completed you will be notified of the fact by your desktop and the file will open in it’s appropriate app.

Clicking a completed download will open the file again. And right-clicking any download will bring up a menu to configure the download. Using this menu you can stop a file from downloading, change where it will be downloaded, or stop the file from being automatically opened upon download.

By default files are saved to a subfolder of your downloads folder named for the current date.

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