Offer to take over maintenance Odysseus development has been discontinued in favor of Epiphany a.k.a. Web & independant browser engines.



Odysseus web browser

A simple and performant yet powerful elementary OS-style window onto the open decentralized web, exploring how best to help you (re)discover interesting/entertaining/useful/etc webpages!

Odysseus screenshot showing download and find

Odysseus is already and will continue to be a convenient, privacy-respecting, ethically designed, and opensource (under the GPLv3+ license) web browser that should run great on any free desktop. However work is ongoing to make Odysseus more convenient with handy navigation aids that gently and unobtrusively guide you wherever you want to go online.

In doing so Odysseus aims to help you focus on the webpages that matter to you, and to support the open decentralized web over the centralized services of today.

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High-level features:

These features are completed to a high degree of polish.

Standards support: