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How can I contribute?

There are several things you can do to help make Odysseus even more awesome. You do not need to be a software developer to do so.

Provide feedback
You can post any feedback, positive or negative, to Odysseus's issue tracker.
Or you can contact me directly via email or the fediverse if you don't have a GitHub account.
Write better documentation
You can help improve Odysseus's documentation by "forking" this website, you don't need to be a web developer to edit most of the text.
If you are a web developer, feel free to help improve the web design.
Translate Odysseus into your language
If you are bilingual, please go to Transifex to translate Odysseus's chrome into your language.
If you want to translate the internal pages or do other localization work, see the documentation below.
Contribute financially
You can help me put more time to Odysseus by donating through the elementary AppCenter or Liberapay.
Write code (ofcourse)
If you have the software development skills, feel free to fork Odysseus. There plenty of issues you can tackle.

Or if you understandably do not wish to register a GitHub or Transifex account, I’m more than happy to receive contributions via email.


If you are bilingual, there are many aspects to localizing Odysseus you can help with. From translating the text that appears in Odysseus, it’s marketting, and (see below) internal pages to providing useful links and (by forking this site) documentation.

The internal pages use a custom file format for localization. This was done to address segfaults and ease text extraction from the Domain-Specific-Language they’re written in. Once you’ve forked Odysseus you can either edit these files directly within data/page-l10n or use a suite of commandline tools:

These are best run in Odysseus’s repository root directory though they can be run from elsewhere, and all depends on Python3 being installed. Which it probably be is.

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