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30th May 2019 — Adrian Cochrane

Re-decentralizing the Web

I would comment though that I’m a bit sceptical about the value of SoLiD being between you and the web services you use, as either way you’re relying on laws rather than technology to control what that service does with your data. However it could be very valuable if the “apps” are mostly just simple UIs around SoLiD’s decentralized DB, with no ability for JavaScript to phone home behind the user’s back. Then it’s access control might be worth something.

However as the post notes SoLiD is not enough to re-decentralize the web, and nor is it my particular interest. Having a choice over where your data is stored is not enough to decentralize search engines without rethinking how we build them. That rethinking 1 is what entices me, and it does increasingly impact Odysseus’s design.

  1. Which does have a role to play in decentralizing social networks, as discovery is a major draw to them.

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