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27th Sept 2018 — Adrian Cochrane

The Powerhouses of the Internet Are Turning Hostile to Websites

This artical describes how many of the major “social networks” are trying to keep people on their silo rather than venturing off onto the wider web. To me this is terrible! That wider web is the web,k and where all it’s value comes from! If you’re just using specific services, why have The Web in the first place? (Certainly we’d still need The Internet though).

I think that in order to continue the health of this wider web (or as I call it “the open decentralized web”), we need competitors to these sites that are comfortable remaining small. And I hope my UI work on Odysseus speaks to this.

Specifically I’ve done the following to support smaller sites:

My integration of the DuckDuckGo search engine stands in contrast to those principles, but I’ve got plans to remedy that.

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