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29th December 2017 — Adrian Cochrane

Odysseus is on The AppCenter

Odysseus is now in the elementary AppCenter, and I quickly got one interested surfer who acted as a bit of a tester. However it appears AppCenter isn’t seeing my application metadata, but I’ve got an attempted fix for that in the pipeline. Perhaps it’s for the best as that gives me a chance to take WebShapedBiz’s feedback before it gets seriously promoted in AppCenter’s new app carousel.

That said I created Odysseus because I personally wanted a more native-looking browser to use with elementary OS, and I’m very excited to be sharing it with others. Furthermore I appreciate elementary OS’s boldness in usability improvements, and am keen to bring that same boldness to Odysseus as it becomes a more fully-featured browser whilst keeping it’s simplicity.

P.S. I am quite interested in the question of whether there are more convenient, powerful, and simpler ways to find and share information online, and if by totally redesigning the experience it would become possible to embrace the Indie Manifesto. This gave me the extra reason I needed to create Odysseus, and target it to an audience I know would be the most receptive to this sort of experimentation. An audience, again, that I am part of.

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