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26th Sept 2018 — Adrian Cochrane


You may have noticed this site now has it’s own domain name: I’m doing this to reduce how tied I am to GitHub. And thus show my commitment to the open decentralized web outside of the major silos like Google.

That said I currently can’t entirely move away from GitHub, because elementary expects to be able to find my repositories through GitHub.

At the same time I have found that using the freemium services businesses throw over the fence to us libre software developers can be a little limiting. Because if there’s one thing that holds us libre software developers together, it’s our insistance on being able to fix our own problems. And while it’s tempting to use SECs because of how cash-strapped we are, relying on them goes directly against this.

This is especially a problem because it’s actively hurting Odysseus. I’ve had several people help teach Odysseus to speak new (human) languages. However these translations have never extended to the internal pages because I’ve failed to the internal webpages for things like topsites or browser history. I’ll blog about those struggles once I’ve solved them, which I’m already in the process of doing.


Odysseus bills itself as “the web browser for elementary OS and the decentralized open web”. However it doesn’t do much to sell faith in this vision when I’m so clearly relying on GitHub (which, by the way, looks examplary compared to the sad state of the rest of the mainstream web) to deliver that message. And at times relying on the freemium services actively degraded the ease with which others can contribute. Moving to my own domains is the first step in remedying this.

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