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6th December 2017 — Adrian Cochrane

MVP - Is Feature Complete

Today I got dragging a tab out into it’s own window working, which is part of the behaviour of a standard elementary tabbar. This required messing with the task scheduling a little for it to work1, but the Scratch text editor served very well as sample code to get any issues resolved. What I didn’t manage to get working is restoring tab history, but that’ll have to wait until a particular WebKitGTK update which I won’t let hold up Odysseus’s release any longer.

Over the next two weeks (bit over) I’ll be going through each file of this project and tidy them up, and figuring out how best to promote Odysseus in the elementary AppCenter. These code tidies won’t just involve making the code clearer, but also fixing anything that isn’t working the best, and moving away from deprecated APIs.

  1. I don’t fully understand why.

@ 2017-12-06 17:55:04 +1300

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