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27th September 2020 — Adrian Cochrane

Tagged Bookmarking

I view getting bookmarking right, so it’s more convenient than performing that websearch again on a centralized non-private webservice, as being vital for Odysseus!

I chose to base this design exclusively on tagging for many reasons, the most visible right now being to achieve a superficial sense of simplicity. Once I implemented the basic features of a web browser, I promised myself that I would keep it looking this simple and avoid adding more toolbar buttons. In this release I only added one for saving/editting bookmarks. To view bookmarks you perform a search using the same “addressbar” you use to search the rest of the web! Allowing to filter down by one or more “tags”.

I also chose to organize bookmarks by tags because these organizational schemes tends to last and adapt longer, whilst being easier to collaborate on. These characteristics will be vital to implementing additional features I want to add!

This superficial simplicity turned out to be unexpectedly difficult to implement. My backend technologies (SQLite) weren’t designed to perform these sorts of queries, and I needed to reimplement the addressbar to render these searches specially.

I think the effort was worth it, and I’m excited to build upon this design in the future!

Happy bookmarking!

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