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1st January 2020 — Adrian Cochrane

I have two major drivers pushing me to work on Odysseus. The first being how much I love and appreciate software freedom, elementary OS, & the sheer range of things published to The Web! These aspects of Odysseus were easy to implement.

My other driver is my curiosity to explore new ways to (re)discover useful/entertaining/interesting webpages, in a way that’s both more effective and privacy-protecting. And in 2019 it no longer appears to be just me asking these questions.

Towards this end, in 2018 I’ve implemented:

And in 2019 I’ve implemented:

So in 2020 I think I’ll probably finish my vision for Odysseus by adding:

I’ve already mostly built a custom control for these that should help me continue to keeping my browser UI very minimal! I’m excited!

In other news, this site is now self-hosted, Odysseus is being packaged for other distros (having received requests for that), I now have a personal website, and I’m starting my second web browser! That other browser, “Rhapsode”, explores how well The Web to new I/O mediums like voice assistants, and the output side is already working very well.

My 2020 is shaping up to be a great year, and I hope it does for you too!

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